Your Success + Our Commitment
= Successment

We’re BOLD About Revenue Growth

BOLD is Our Culture

We are success partners, relentless in the pursuit of our client’s goals. As subject matter experts, we are the confidence our startup partners need to take calculated risks with enormous rewards.

We leverage a data-driven approach to create meaningful experiences that are hardwired for success. Our strategies focus on customer centricity, audience segmentation, and brand differentiation.

We’re passionate about delivering results for our startup partners so they can keep doing what they do best –  innovate.

We put the dream back into the focus of our startup partners by constantly ignoring the status quo.

To scale is to delight in the Successment culture. We excel at working on the “impossible” because what others see as obstacles we see as opportunities.

Our approach represents a prism of color, thought, experience, and professional discipline. Our proud inclusion of Black, Latinx, LGBTQ, Differently Abled and Female innovators gives us a distinct cultural advantage that empowers our startup partners to lead market categories and set trends.

The Successment Squad

Jonathan J. Mentor


New York City native, Jonathan J. Mentor is the Founder + CEO of Successment, a revenue growth partner for diverse B2B tech startups where he developed BOOM®, a 4-step growth process that uncomplicates RevOps Science.

Jahnelle Seaman


Jahnelle Seaman has been leading marketing attributed revenue growth for over 20 years. Her specialty verticals are SMBs, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.

Chris White


Chris has been a branding and technology specialist for more than 20 years. With a lifelong background in art, design and technology, he has developed a passion for using his skill set to help people and companies represent their best selves.

David Guzman


David Guzman is a seasoned graphic designer with a decade of experience in the field. His creative journey commenced with the acquisition of an AAS degree in Graphic Design from TSTC in Waco, TX, where he diligently honed his skills and cultivated a profound passion for design. 

Esther Akanbi


Esther is a tech savvy virtual assistant and WordPress designer. As a virtual assistant, she offers exceptional organization and support.  She combines creativity and technical expertise to deliver visually stunning and user-friendly websites tailored to clients’ specifications.

Brannoch Hansen


Brannoch Hansen has spent over a decade learning the ins and outs of various industries, including Food and Beverage, Retail, Construction and Agriculture. His experience in client-facing roles has given him strong insight into building partnerships and fostering relationships.

Melany Oganda - Growth Coordinator, LATAM, Successment

Melany Oganda

Growth Coordinator - LATAM

Melany Ogando has been interested in marketing and social media management for many years. Her work experiences go from teaching all the way to customer service and beyond.

Irfan Jafrey, JD, MBA


Irfan Jaffrey is a father, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, accomplished author, and contributing editor for Forbes, Inc. and CIO Media.

Francois Modarresse


Francois Modarresse is a seasoned marketing executive and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in digital media technologies, web + mobile services and social media.

BOLD in Motion

Our Impact Matters to the Humans on Our Squad.
We defend our BOLD culture and ignite our own flame.

  1. We are a fully remote prism of humans spanning different time zones, communication styles, work/life preferences, and interests.
  2. We live a Mon-Thurs work culture. Fridays belong to fulfillment, fitness, family, and fortune.
  3. We celebrate diversity of thought.  We enable each other with non-linear workdays, flexible working hours and dedicated focus hours.
  4. We value accountability over visibility.  We don’t care when or how solutions are delivered.  We care about impact.
  5. We invite authenticity.  We are comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE.
  6. We lead from behind.  Curiosity and ambition are rewarded when framed within data and creativity.  We encourage professional development and learning, by paying for it.
  7. We are compassionate. We recognize human wellness of emotion, body, mind, and spirit deliver electrifying outcomes.

Don't be jealous, join us.

If there's a way we can be bolder...