Jonathan Joel Mentor is a revenue growth expert that provokes the economic growth and visibility of underrepresented tech startups.

He is the founder + CEO of Successment, a revenue growth partner for diverse tech startups where he developed RevOps Science®, a data powered approach to startup growth that electrifies growth strategy + campaigns.

His inspiration for Successment is his commitment to the success of disadvantaged humans. Success + Commitment = Successment.

In 2024, he was nominated for the United Nations World Summit Awards in the Dominican Republic. 

As a startup Advisor, he enables global technology ecosystems with global partners such as Forbes Blk, Techstars, Boost DO, Parallel 18, StartOut and Pharrell’s Black Ambition.

He has partnered with global brands such as Movement for Black Lives, Pepsi, Accenture, and Fast Company.

He’s been featured in the Black Wall Street Times, El Dia, El Nuevo Diario, EL Diario Libre, Hoy Digital, B2B Growth Podcast, Business Insider, Business News Daily, and, several LATAM and Caribbean television programs.

He’s spoken at international tech  conferences such as Black is Tech, Codecamp SDQ Evolved, Wonder Woman Tech, and Unibe Univesity about his passion for Diversity and RevOps

Jonathan strives to be present for his only daughter Zariah Rose by practicing mindfulness, empathy, and authenticity. Practices that he fiercely injects into every human in his network.  

In 2024, he relocated to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic after having been born and raised in New York City.




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