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Why Are We So Obsessed with Diversity in Tech?

$10M x 10 Startups = $ 0 M
Economic Growth

$100M Economic Growth = Visibility.

Visibility = BOLD Future.

We enable tech because it redefines humans, empires, and parity. We believe that those who ignore diversity are on the wrong side of innovation. We get it done by igniting our startup’s first $10M in ARR. Let’s paint the picture:

Capiche? Do something about it.

This is not a Moment, This is a Movement

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Latinx - Black - Women - LGBTQIA+ - Immigrant

You Matter.

Diversity By The Numbers

“Latinx entrepreneurs in the US receive only 2% of U.S. venture capital investments.” – Crunchbase

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“Black US founders raise only as much capital over their first five years when compared to other startups.” – Bloomberg

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“Female founders perform 63% better than those of their male peers.” – Female Founder’s Fund
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“Less than 1% of U.S. deals go in favor of LGBTQIA+ founders.” – Backstage Capital
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“Immigrants have started 55% of America’s startups valued < $1B.” – NFAP
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“In 2022, out of 6,791 female-led startups, Black women represent > 4% of that group.” – JP Morgan & Chase Co

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“US Latinx startups raised only $250M out of $39.85B in VC funds in 2022.” – Crunchbase
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“Women raised only 2.4% of all venture capital allocated in 2022.” – TechCrunch
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“The ~300 immigrant-founded U.S. startups have a collective value of $1.2T.” – Forbes
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Diverse B2B startups provoke economic visibility for disadvantaged humans.

We scorch economic barriers.

We Walk Our Woke with programs for disadvantaged B2B startups.

We get it, how are diverse B2B startups gonna ignite new economies when capital funding is the root of their growth problem?
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The B2B Growth Lab

Our no-cost 4-week series of RevOps Science® workshops.  We partner with organizations that support early-stage B2B startups to reach their first revenue milestone: $1M.*

*The B2B Growth Lab is available by invitation only.

Power Hours

Our low-cost RevOps Science® consulting practice.  We partner directly with B2B startups on rapid projects to reach their next revenue milestone.*

*Minimum 15 hours/month at $199/Hr. 

Economic Growth + Visibility

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