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Everywhere you go, they’re gonna ask you for:

An email address.  A meeting.  A sale.  

Eww.  That’s not our swag.  We built a RevOps Snack Bar where you can download, learn and grow – minus the endless emails and outreach.

You won’t find a form in sight over here. 

Bite Sized (One Pagers)

3 P’s of Profitability

Lock and load with “The 3 P’s of Profitability” one-pager, the reference sheet for streamlining your revenue growth. Don’t drown in complex strategies; master the fundamentals: Process, Performance, and Progress. For the tacticians who thrive on precision, the 3 P’s break down the combat plan into three clear fronts.

Deploy this sheet when you’re ready to cut through the noise and focus on what really moves the needle. The 3 P’s are ideal for teams and founders tired of playing small and are geared up to dictate the pace of the market. Here’s your war cry.

4 Steps to Ignite RevOps Science: BOOM

Ignite your revenue with the BOOM one-pager that distills the raw juice of growth into four hardcore steps: Begin, Operate, Obviate, and Maximize. Kick it off with a solid plan that digs deep into market research to forge a data-backed growth strategy.

Wrap it up with bi-weekly sprints that adapt in real-time, grabbing growth opportunities by the horns with savvy data use and sharp market instincts. This ain’t just a reference sheet; it’s your process for turning theories into action and skeptics into believers.

Unleash the Revenue Growth Formula

Step up your game with the Revenue Growth Formula. Forget about aimlessly chasing numbers—define your battlefield and conquer it. Here’s your blueprint for syncing bold objectives with sharp, clear key results.

We’re talking serious OKRs, where up to five measurable outcomes back every goal, each designed to push you closer to the finish line. This approach is perfect for founders and teams ready to mirror their strategic hustle in their quarterly performance, making every indicator count.

Defend Your Focus with the Metrics Ladder

Command the field with the Metrics Ladder. It’s a strategic map that decodes and dominates every phase of your revenue journey. From awareness to expansion, use this ladder to tailor your tactics precisely to where you are and where you need to go.

For teams and founders who refuse to let their strategies be anything less than a war plan, the Metrics Ladder is your campaign to turn prospects into profits. Strap in and elevate every move you make—this isn’t just growth; it’s domination by design.

Parallel Growth Plans

Master the art of simultaneous attack. For tacticians who know that time waits for no one, Parallel Growth Plans (PGP) show you how to set and smash goals tied to the ticking clock—optimizing channels, refining content, or sharpening messages to generate leads like a powerhouse.

PGP also guides you in laying out goals measured on the calendar, focusing on long-term demand creation. Know your audience, craft irresistible offers, and refine user experiences that convert onlookers into advocates. PGPs are ideal for teams and founders who relentlessly pursue excellence and refuse to settle for one-dimensional strategies.

Condiments (Zero to 60 Explainers)

What Is RevOps Science?

Dive into the universe of RevOps with the “What is RevOps Science?” six-pager, your guide to igniting your startup like a rocket, not just revving up an engine. Use this download when you’re poised at the launchpad, needing to align every part of your operation for an explosive lift-off.

It’s tailored for leaders and teams eager to convert strategy into systematic success, merging insights into one cohesive battle plan. If your goal is to dominate the marketplace and achieve stellar growth, this is your mission control. Ideal for those who aren’t just participating in the race but are determined to redefine the finish line.

Parallel Growth Plan Builder

Fire up your strategy engines with the Parallel Growth Plan Builder, the toolkit for crafting a dual-focused attack on your market goals. This is where theory meets application, giving you a live fire exercise in orchestrating growth. Start with our hands-on example to see how an effective PGP is constructed. Shift gears into architect mode with the provided template, designed to guide you through creating your own PGPs.

Tailored for leaders and teams who are looking to pave paths instead of follow them, this builder equips you with the ability to forge a growth strategy that operates on multiple levels, ensuring your market presence is both dynamic and robust. Ideal for those who command their destiny and demand results that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Sundae Bar (DIY Playbooks)

Shake up the status quo of your startup.

The BOOM Playbook

Deploy the BOOM Playbook when you’re ready to dissect and rebuild every corner of your startup’s process, performance, and progress. This guide is a full-scale diagnostic tool that walks you through identifying what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s missing, and what’s confusing in your current strategy.

The BOOM Playbook is perfect for those who demand a ruthless evaluation to streamline their operations. If you’re looking to shake up the status quo and demand excellence from your team, this playbook is your first step towards revolutionary change.

Refuse to target your audience with blinders on.

The Buyer Persona Playbook

Turn to the Buyer Persona Playbook when it’s time to sharpen your marketing weapons by truly understanding your audience. This playbook helps you sculpt a vivid, detailed profile of who you’re selling to. Use this download when your campaigns need a backbone of real, data-driven customer insights—knowing their behaviors, preferences, and pain points. 

This Playbook is tailor-made for teams that want to go beyond generic marketing and forge connections that turn prospects into loyal customers. Perfect for marketers and sales teams who refuse to target their audience with blindfolds on, aiming instead with precision to hit the bullseye every time.

Stop playing guessing games with your clients.

The Ideal Client Playbook

Launch the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) Playbook to zero in on your most profitable customers—the ones who will drive your growth engine the hardest. This guide helps you map out buying triggers, barriers, and the critical BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) to effectively target and convert.

Ideal when your sales strategies need to evolve from scattered shots to precision targets. It’s the ultimate tool for sales teams who are done playing guessing games, enabling them to engage with clarity. Learn how to predict the moves that lead to closed deals and expanded relationships.

Turn your strategies into measurable, impactful growth.

The Revenue Growth Formula Playbook

The Revenue Growth Formula Playbook is your go-to when you need to align your team’s efforts with the metrics that matter most. This is a deep dive into the mechanics of buyer stages, OKRs, and KPIs, designed to unlock and maximize revenue potential. Use this playbook to understand customer behavior at each purchase stage, identifying vulnerabilities and opportunities to boost your growth.

It’s essential for any team that’s ready to defend their focus and prioritize efforts based on a data-driven view of where they can make the biggest impact right now. Perfect for leaders looking to refine resource planning and achieve measurable, impactful results.

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