RevOps Case Study
HR Managed Services

Growth Focused Outcome
Increase in Revenue YoY
0 X

300% growth

of social audience in 6 months

880% increase

in web traffic YoY

66% Increase

in sales velocity YoY

Time Frame: 6 Months

Woman-Led Executive Coaching Firm Uses RevOps to Double Revenue

The Challenge

Kinetic Clarity is a growing Denver-based executive coaching firm that provides leadership, team, and organizational coaching. The CEO is well-known and has worked with several large organizations, but needed a ground-up revamp of the firm’s internal processes with a clear path to revenue. The firm reached out to us for revenue growth.

The Opportunity

Kinetic Clarity had existing content and the acclaim of the CEO – a long time executive coach that works with Fortune 500 companies. BOOM revealed that there were opportunities within the company’s existing content offerings, as well established LinkedIn accounts.

The Solution

The Revenue Growth Formula® uncovered opportunities in all five revenue pillars. We created a monthly strategy to target each pillar and began to build up the company’s brand by leveraging the trust equity held by the CEO.

We used their existing content in order to move in place from inception while clarifying product pillars and conversion-focused content.  We supported Kinetic Clarity’s transition to Martech automation and data monitoring software to increase our accountability to this partner and clarify how each KPI laddered up to Revenue.

The Actions

Powered by Parallel Growth Plans®, our actions included dedicated campaigns to build interest and awareness in the programs offered by the company. We used whitepapers and blogs, in conjunction with targeted social campaigns and email campaigns, to increase engagement.

Kinetic Clarity

Examples of Work

Marketing Campaign for executive coach
work culture
ebook Marketing Campaign

The Successment Team is adept at data analytics, managing diverse projects, and RevOps. It was a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to seeing their magnificent accomplishments in the world of marketing and beyond!

They deliver work with efficient speed, high quality, and creative flair that positions their clients for massive success.  I am continuously blown away with how they simplify complex concepts and processes with their exceptional structures and tools.

I am so grateful to Successment for believing in me and my company almost more than I do. I am absolutely, positively sure I'll succeed with them as my branding and marketing partners.

Barb Van Hare, CEO, Kinetic Clarity
Barb Van Hare
CEO, Kinetic Clarity


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