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Hi! I’m Jonathan Mentor, the CEO of Successment.

If you’re the owner of a B2B tech startup looking for ways to drive revenue, this video is for you. 

I think we all can agree that marketing should lead to revenue. Sure you have to spend money to make money, but the end result is to… make… money. To… grow… revenue.

Marketing does an excellent job of bringing awareness to your startup but often stops once the prospect reaches your website. What about once they get to the site, or talk to your salespeople – or even once they become customers? How do you keep the revenue flowing throughout all of these activities?

The answer is to use Revenue Operations or RevOps. 

Unlike traditional marketing that has an endpoint, Revenue Operations is end-to-end. Through the strategic integration of sales, marketing, and client success departments, RevOps drives predictable revenue through the entire customer lifecycle. 

It’s designed to break down the frustrating silos from your departments which, in turn, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes you need to achieve real revenue growth. 

This is done by making sure your teams are aligned, your data is reporting fully and accurately, and you have processes in place to level-set expectations, actions, and cadences – ideally before you even start marketing. 

This is where Successment comes in. We’re set to be your BOLD revenue growth partner, committed to providing B2B tech startups, just like you, the power you need to propel business forward. Successment disrupts the business-marketing-as-usual model in favor of giving underrepresented founders and startups the boost they need to excel in their industry.

We do that through our process that we call B.O.O.M: Begin, Optimize, Obviate and Maximize.

We begin by thoroughly researching your company and industry to learn about what you do. We have to listen. We interview your stakeholders–internal and external, customers, partners, team members–and learn: how they think your company performs, and then we compare that to the actual data that you reveal to us. Data doesn’t have feelings, so we compare perceptions to data and give you a true holistic vision of where your startup’s revenue opportunities are.

Then we move on to optimize by developing strategies based on the data we compiled and getting your sign-off. Strategies are built around your startup’s strengths and a RevOps process: Awareness, Engagement, Opportunity, Land, and Expand. In other words: we build awareness, drive engagement through that awareness, take that engagement to a sales opportunity, land that client and then take that client and expand their lifetime value.

Once we’re confident that you have revenue streams coming in from each of these elements of the revenue lifecycle funnel and it’s steady through organic, we obviate by taking what we’ve learned–meaning key channels, messaging, and creative, and with the biggest engagement–and then we move that into a paid format because we’re confident that this is going to convert. It’s already been doing it for free.

Then we maximize: every step of the way in our process, we ensure our actions are backed by data and stationed to drive revenue from end to end. We don’t just get the word out about our client partners. We apply our expertise to ignite customer engagement, sales, and lead generation. 

Some of our triumphant partners include TechStars alum, Pipeline Equity, who saw a 66% increase in sales velocity. 

Kinetic Clarity, a firm that provides executive coaching for tech companies, saw an 880% increase in search traffic within the first month after we deployed their go-to-market strategy. 

Another one, Datateer, an Analytics as a Service company, saw a 53% engagement increase just on LinkedIn in two months, and we continue to see a steady 25% MoM increase in social media engagement and search traffic as we speak.

I invite you to join our growing community of successful startups, prestigious TechStars alums, and serial founders in building booming revenue.

When you’re ready to get BOLD and ignite your revenue, book a call with us.

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