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Growth POWER Hours

So you wanna get over the $1M Revenue hump. Ahem - hold this coffee.

We’re Scorching Growth Barriers

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Growth Power Hours Fuels Revenue Fire

Our growth consulting program gives your early-stage B2B startup coveted, intimate access to our team of growth experts whose goal is to scorch revenue barriers. We lock into a growth impact project, frame action, and forecast outcomes.

You can use Growth POWER Hours to ignite revenue growth for your early-stage B2B startup for just $199/hr (15/hr min per month), a $9,625 value!

You were expecting complicated? Nope.

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Data unlocks opportunities. Performance reveals priorities. Process defends focus.​

Top Growth Barriers

Data + Strategy

  1. You don’t know how to convert existing data into actionable insights.
  2. Your teams are misaligned on KPIs/OKRs. Ex. How does Product support Sales?
  3. Your tech stack isn’t giving you a line of sight into revenue opportunities
  4. You have lots of tactics (social, SEO, cold emails) but they aren’t delivering results.

Revenue Operations + Management

  1. You haven’t unlocked enough revenue centers within the business.
  2. You cannot balance short-term wins like sales with long-term goals like scalability.
  3. Your organic growth methods are not meeting growth milestones.
  4. Leads + Sales are your primary pre-revenue metrics. (Hint: Don’t do this.)
  5. You rely on very specific tactics too heavily (like paid ads) and its affects scale.

Growth Pattern + Scalability

  1. You’re not sure how to select paid media that will deliver an ROI.
  2. You haven’t resource-planned for a volume of new business.
  3. You cannot transition away from paid media and into organic media.
  4. You’ve burned a bridge with a target account because you weren’t ready.
  5. You focused on a fabulous new/product/service – that isn’t selling.

Agility + Project Management

  1. There’s never enough resources to tap into real-time market opportunities.
  2. Team Reporting doesn’t unlock action or clear solutions for improvement.
  3. Data is all over the place, you just know there are gold nuggets in there, somewhere.


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