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Employee Benefit Adviser Podcast: Electrifying the voluntary market with fringe benefits
July 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Successment

About the episode

Non-traditional worksite offerings like pre-payday loans and student tuition repayment are providing brokers new ways to beef up packages.

Benefit brokers are taking on more consultative roles with clients they’re offering more than just traditional benefits.

These newer benefits can include anything from student loan repayment and to employee-facing escape room challenges.

There’s so many new and interesting benefits coming on the market. But is there value in bringing them to clients? And what about small businesses who may have limited budgets?

Jonathan Mentor, a benefit consultant and the founder and CEO of Successment tells Employee Benefit Adviser says advisers need to seriously consider bringing these options to clients if they want to remain competitive.


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