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  • BI INTELLIGENCE: Digital Health Pros
    Business Insider Intelligence

    "What Pros Are Saying: We polled pros on which categories of healthcare startups are least likely to have a meaningful impact on healthcare."

    "With the industry trend pointing in the direction of value-based care and patient-centered medical homes, health systems have a distinct advantage in that they serve multiple specialties." — Jonathan J. Mentor, Successment CEO

  • A Small Business Owner's Guide to COBRA Coverage
    Business News Daily

    "I always recommend for a small group client with a small, in-house administrative staff to outsource COBRA administration," said Jonathan Mentor, a former health insurance consultant and now founder and CEO of Successment. "It's a nominal cost that protects against a huge exposure to liability if properly executed."

  • How Do You Craft a Successful Media Pitch that Actually Lands Coverage?

    Jonathan Mentor of Successment shares some quick tips to make your PR pitch emails digestible.

  • SEO vs. PPC: Which Channel Generates More Sales?

    “PPC can put your name, logo, and message in front of the right eyes, but it’s not as intentional as SEO.” ––Jonathan Mentor, Successment CEO

  • SUCCESSMENT The Digital Solutions Company Plans LAUNCH IN NEW YORK CITY
    The Dynasty NY

    The company was founded this year by well known health benefits consultant Jonathan J Mentorwho pivoted careers and launched Successment as a solution for health & technology brands struggling to effectively communicate their solutions to the health crisis to the masses.  After seeing the need for clear value propositions for bold solutions during his time as a consultant, he began to organize Successment.

  • What Are the Different Types of Public Relations Jobs?
    Up Journey

    What are the various types of public relations jobs? What are some of their roles?

    We asked PR experts to provide us with some insights and Jonathan J. Mentor, CEO of Successment, weighs in.

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