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B2B Growth Lab*

*By invitation only

Ready to Learn How to Unlock Your First $1M MRR? Let’s boogey.

The B2B Growth Lab gets your Growth Party Started

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The B2B Growth Lab Sparks Your First Revenue Flame

It’s a 4-week series of RevOps Science® Workshops that will get your B2B startup to $1M in revenue. We guide on processes, potential, and progress that unlock revenue based on our uncomplicated RevOps Process: BOOM®.

BOOM® is RevOps 2.0 and walks you through how to align sales, marketing, product, and customer success onto one path: Growth. You are allowed to nominate one member of your team to attend participate and ignite revenue.

The B2B Growth Lab is available by invitation only.

Your New Superpowers!

You will emerge equipped with the 3 P’s of Profitability for a successful Growth strategy. 

Uncomplicate Revenue Growth
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You’ll build a structured framework for data-driven revenue operations using our 4 steps to ignite revenue called BOOM®, designed to keep revenue projects focused. 

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You will be armed with how to identify revenue growth indicating metrics, opportunities, focuses, and how to balance priorities within your startup structure. We keep science simple with our scientific development, the Revenue Growth Formula®.

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You’ll scorch revenue focused campaign planning and management, prioritized by growth focus. You’ll know how to prioritize growth metrics, when those metrics matter, what they mean. It’s called the Parallel Growth Plan®.

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RevOps is the scientific way to ignite revenue

We uncomplicate RevOps Science with BOOM® to spark Your b2B startup's first $10M.

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Data unlocks opportunities. Performance reveals priorities. Process defends focus.​

Here’s what you need to unlock an invitation.

Must be a diversely led B2B Tech, Saas or Managed Services Startup

Must believe in provoking economic growth and visibility for disadvantaged humans in tech. PERIOD.

Must be nominated by a Successment Partner Organization

Economic Growth + Visibility

Provoke Allies To Join the Movement

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