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Selling To HR In 2020? Three HR Sales Experts Weigh In

At Successment, we’re obsessed with bold brands that are leading employers to victory with divergent employee solutions and technologies. We stand in awe of the brilliant minds improving HR business outcomes with provocative new strategies and tactics.

Everyone agrees that HR plays an enormous role in the growth and expansion of any business. However, it’s not always clear to HR what their best options are for technologies, vendor-partners or programs. It’s a NOISY market and there is a universe of Digital Health, HRIS, HRTech, HealthTech, BeneTech, CommsTech and more to navigate.

Imagine if it were you were navigating the competitive waters of selling to HR/Employers with your own employee technology or solution? Oh, don’t play shy, we know you’re here for the nitty gritty and we won’t disappoint!

We sat down with three HR sales samurais from around the country to get a grip on their riveting success in positioning employee solutions for employers and how to keep the conversation going once HR’s biggest line item, health insurance, is taken care of.

The results: Electrifying.

Gregory Poulin – Co-Founder & CEO – San Francisco, CA

Goodly – a leading provider of student loan and college savings employee benefits.

“Two of the biggest challenges in carving out a conversation about non-insurance employee solutions is HR’s growing emphasis on HRIS systems and payroll tech…and the complexity of (HR) tech integrations” explains Gregory.

Gregory circumvents employer objections to Goodly’s Student Loan Repayment Benefit solution by presenting solid data on the cultural relevance of the benefit. “70% of U.S. students graduate with some form of student loan debt. A student loan repayment benefit is the number one benefit request among the modern workforce. Driven by employee demand, 32% of U.S. employers are expected to implement a student loan repayment benefit over the next two years”.

That’s a powerful dose of data backed persuasion. Goodly’s data, coupled with the growing visibility of start-ups and multinational corporations heralding student loan debt repayment as part of their employer branding is a distinct sales advantage for Goodly’s solution.

It’s primetime for brands taking on the U.S. student loan crisis. What if your solution doesn’t tackle a bipartisan national crisis? Read on…

Gregory’s GROWTH HACK: Cold emails and relationship building. Sometimes, you gotta throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks.

Rebecca Liebman – Co-Founder & CEO (Forbes 30 Under 30) – Boston, MA

LearnLux – LearnLux provides unbiased, customized financial education to better the way people make financial decisions.

LearnLux’s Path of Least Resistance has a different flavor. Learnlux’s biggest challenge before it’s meteoric success was HR’s risk aversion. “Don’t get fired for picking safe options” is Rebecca’s bold advice to modern HR teams. Have truer words ever been spoken? No risk, no reward!

Rebecca positioned LearnLux for success as the Employee Financial Wellness category leader by being product driven. “Our success comes from our passion for financial wellness and creating a holistic, digital experience that engages employees and improve business outcomes for HR”.

We wanted to better understand how LearnLux penetrated the HR/Employer market with such early success in the most simple terms possible and Rebecca was ready to dish out. “Solve a need, identify the HR buyer and understand the end user: employees”. Can we get an ‘Amen’?

Rebecca’s GROWTH HACK: HR assessments, employee surveys and testimonials from existing clients. Use the data to illustrate the ROI your solution can provide in a business case for prospects.

Bret Brummit – Founder – Dallas, TX

Generous Benefits – A delightful benefits firm implementing long-term, sustainable benefits strategy.

We love Bret’s central marketing theme. It rolls right off the tongue: “Tell a story. Share other client victories with prospects.” As a benefits consultant, Bret founded Generous Benefits in order to create a strategic partnership with employer clients rather than a transactional broker arrangement of decades past.

To gain a deeper relationship with employer clients and prospects he began researching trending perks and benefits that were slightly outside of a benefits firm’s wheelhouse and the most common of them may be simpler than you might imagine: lunch, attire and fitness perks.

Is it easier for a benefits consultant to disseminate out of the box solutions than it is for tech start ups to go direct to employer? We think so. By presenting your trendy employee solution to a trusted benefits consultancy with a pipeline of clients eager for cost effective solutions you’ve already gained employer buy-in and a marketing channel.

Brett’s GROWTH HACK: Engage prospects with case studies, high level strategy and the “hero’s” journey.