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Selling an Employee Tech Solution to HR? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Let’s be real here. HR already has a plate full of costs, expectations, and time-sucking tasks when it comes to employee benefits – so why on Earth would they want to hear about your non-insurance benefits and all their shiny, innovative tech-based advantages?

Because what you have to offer can wipe that plate clean for them, saving time and money and boosting the end user’s experience. And that means your tech-enabled employee solution can be a huge asset for attracting and keeping top talent.

Shouldn’t you get a gold star for that?

We totally think so.

But we know, you want the gold star from your new clients, not us.

So, it’s time to convince employers your solution is the bee’s knees so you can sell your amazing employee tech solution, convert employers into clients – and, the whole reason you’re in business in the first place – empower your clients and their employees to get more value out of their health care benefits.

Here’s what you need to know when you are selling an employee tech solution to HR.

Benefits communications are already overwhelming

Raise your hand if you’re surprised employees don’t want to sift through a benefits guide that dwarfs War and Peace.

Seriously, your client’s end users don’t have time to fully digest all they need to know about their benefits. Adding another step to the process with your platform could easily make things more complicated.

Sales tip: Show all the ways your solution can simplify benefits communications for both HR and employees. When your end users understand what they have access to in terms of their medical benefits, how much it costs, and what alternatives are available, they can make better-informed decisions.

That means smarter decisions without having to spend time navigating their benefits or getting help from HR. Streamlining benefits communications and employee knowledge with technology makes everyone happy.

Without high employee utilization, your solution is a waste of resources

If HR can’t convince employees to use your tech-enabled benefits solution, they’re throwing away money when they sign up for your services. HR doesn’t want to have to take on an extra task just to get those utilization numbers up (duh, this defeats the purpose!).

The reality is, average utilization for non-insurance benefits solutions is dismal. This could happen with your platform – unless you make the inherent value and usefulness to all stakeholders a no-brainer.

Sales tip: Demonstrate your platform’s value with social proof. Use client feedback, current utilization stats, and validation by independent health care organizations that review and award industry innovations.

And, make sure your solution is well-suited to the specific needs of a sales prospect’s staff and employee culture to keep those reputation-supporting factors coming.

Emerging employee benefit tech brand Freshbenies has an average employee utilization of 71%. It’s not hard to see why – the company focuses on user experience every step of the way. Co-founder and COO of Freshbenies, Heidi Rasmussen explains, “The bottom line for us: does the technology REALLY serve the end client? Is it easy and intuitive to use? Does it create more work or frustration for the client? These are questions we’re constantly asking about your website, mobile app, and social media channels – each of these impact our customer experience, so we want to ensure they’re flawless to the end client.”

HR budgets are focused on health insurance premiums and costs, not investing in new technology

It’s just how things are run – at least, it’s how they have been handled traditionally.

It’s HR’s job to keep insurance premiums and overall benefit costs down. The goal is to offer adequate insurance that everyone can afford. This helps an organization attract talent and maintain a reputation as an attractive employer.

Except, health care costs are out of control.

And, without your efficient, intuitive solution, employees and employers are losing money left and right.

Sales tip: There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to adding value while cutting costs. You want to be strategic in presenting how your solution can help to contain health care costs and provide a better experience all-around – consider using a broker to sell to HR to help make your case crystal clear.

Today’s innovative health benefits solutions are one of the keys to making employee health care more manageable for all parties. Advantages like reducing unnecessary claims, cutting costs by using phone or online care where appropriate, and employee advocacy are changing the game.

But, not every employer is eager to jump on a new technology solution that will add to their overhead.

So, show them how easy it is. How many headaches they’ll never experience. How much it will save them, and their employees, money. Make it a gentle step instead of a giant leap, and you’ll be able to convert.

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